Your First Visit

  • Your first visit will allow us to gather as much relevant information about you as we can in order to determine how we can best treat you. This visit may take up to 45-50 minutes, so please allow enough time. Please bring a copy of any past CT's, MRI's, x-rays or other relevant test results.

  • You will have a consultation with one of our doctors who will perform an examination and conduct appropriate diagnostic test to determine your current health status. Once finished with the examination and all appropriate studies, patients will generally be provided with their first treatment during this same visit. This may include spinal adjustments, physical therapies, and/or soft tissue therapies.

  • Prior to leaving, patients will be given instructions on certain activities or procedures to be conducted at home. This may include ice or heat application instructions; avoidance of certain activities or positions, as well as home exercises and/or stretches.

  • A treatment plan for your condition will be discussed and appropriate follow up appointments will be made.