Dr. Mark Hooper

Dr. Hooper

Dr. Mark Hooper's first encounter with Chiropractic was as a 16-year-old track athlete. He was impressed by how fast he recovered without the need for drugs or surgery. From that day forward, he put his sites on a career in Chiropractic.

Dr. Hooper grew up in St. Clairsville, Ohio where he was active in nearly all sports. He attended Bowling Green State University in Ohio. He attended college as a Pre-Med major with a goal of making the college golf team. The golf career didn't exactly work out, but the Chiropractic career did! Over the years of practice the challenge of helping patients, many of whom consider him their "last resort" to surgery or a life of pain, motivated him on a daily basis. "Helping people and treating them as I would want to be treated is something I practice and our clinic practices every single day." Within his profession, he has completed hundreds of hours of post-graduate education in the treatment of Low Back and Neck conditions, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Headaches, Accident injury/Whiplash, Work Ergonomics, Diagnostic Ultrasound, and NCV testing, and has testified as an expert witness over 200 times in the state of North Carolina.

Over the years of living and practicing in Wilson, Dr. Hooper has been very active in the community and in his own profession. He is a Past Rotarian of the Year, past President of the Eastern District of the North Carolina Chiropractic Association and currently the president of Wilson Youth United- The Spot.

Dr. Mark Thurston

Dr. Thurston

Dr. Mark Thurston has been providing chiropractic care to patients in Wilson for over 20 years. He has changed countless lives through chiropractic treatment. He is originally from Flint, Michigan where he participated in almost all types of sports and activities while growing up. Actually, playing high school tennis was the catalyst that introduced him to chiropractic care. He injured his low back serving and a friend referred him to her father who was a chiropractor. He responded well to care and immediately thought of being a chiropractic physician.

Dr. Thurston worked hard in under-graduate at the University of Michigan and then at the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, IL. After finishing his chiropractic education and receiving his degree, he moved to Wilson and started providing quality chiropractic care to Wilson. Dr. Thurston has an active family life with his wife Mary, daughter Alex and three boy's Charlie, Mitchell and Quinn. His hobbies include snow skiing and golf. He has established himself in the community as a very active member of the Rotary and current President of the Wilson Country Club.

Dr. Thurston enjoys treating patient of all ages and with many different types of disorders. He gets enjoyment from helping to relieve a patient's headaches after years of suffering as well as treating patients he has had for years and is helping them maintain a productive healthy life style.

Dr. Nick Herbert

Dr. Herbert

Dr. Herbert grew up in a health oriented family having many relatives in the medical profession. Always having an interest in being a health care provider but uncertain which path to take, he eventually became interested in chiropractic medicine. The idea of healing people using his hands and knowledge and by educating them on how to live a healthy life is what excited him most. Shortly after graduating as a Doctor of Chiropractic, he moved to Wilson to join an established practice with an amazing staff that allow him to do what he wants to do most, improve the health of his patients. Dr. Herbert enjoys treating all types of individuals from young athletes to the elderly and all of conditions they may be suffering. Although much of his experience deals with conditions of the spine, he also has experience with treating other conditions such as vertigo, gastrointestinal issues, headaches, and various other neurological and extremity conditions. By not only addressing the pains and symptoms of their conditions but also working with his patients to address the root causes of their conditions. He enjoys working to help his patients feel better while also guiding them to live their life to its fullest potential with an active and healthy lifestyle.